Posted on: October 27, 2008 8:31 pm

KG's NBA Pre-Season Ranking

Its preseason. Everyone is an expert. Here are my predictions from Worst to First entering the Playoffs in 09'.

Celtics aren't going to win it this year, neither are the Lakers and this is why:


#30 - Sacramento Kings - Worst in the league easy, Kevin Martin cannot do everything..

#29 - Indiana Pacers- as long as they have Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy, this team will be garbage

#28 - Memphis Grizzlies- Marc Gasol half of the size of his brother (is that even possible?) and half the player

#27 - New Jersey Nets- Lopez brother to start? I think Not.

#26 - Minnesota Timberwolves- Get over it, Kevin Garnett is on the Celtics and yes, he did win it with them. 

#25 - Derrick Rose is going to be a star, but this team led by Hinrich is taking small steps to get back to glory

#24 - New York Knicks- Hey - at least they aren't last on this pre-season poll

#23- Oklahoma City Thunder - 1st the Thunder take the Warrior's Mascot, but Kevin Durant needs to stay healthy

#23 - Milwakee Bucks - will they regret the trade of Yi this year? Maybe so.

#22 - Phoenix Suns- Shaq, Amare and Nash total age? Above 100 - this team is getting old, so are their chances of a Championship

#21 - Golden State Warriors - Magette is hurt, Monta needs to stay off Mopeds and Mullin might be out next year.  (what will Nelly do?)

#20 - Miami Heat - D-Wade is going to be good, really good this year, but Miami can take a big step from the cellar of last year

#19 - LA Clippers- Baron Davis has nobody to game with now that Magette is gone. The Clippers have another year or so...

#18 - Charlotte Bobcats- Okafor and Richardson combo is nasty, but do they have the bench to compete?

#17- Washington Wizards - this whole team rides on Agent 0 - it will get ugly quick if Arenas gets hurt

#16 - Atlanta Hawks-  Is Mike Bibby really player to get this team up and running? He will make them better, but how much better?

#15 - San Antonio Spurs- Duncan is old, Paker, and gang will get banged up, but might make the playoffs as lower seed. Injuries anyone?

#14 - Detroit Pistons - Maxiell and Stuckey are going to be SICK, Pistons are going to the playoffs, but how far?

#13 - Philadelphia 76ers - 4th best team in the East, #13 on my rankings.

#12 - Portland Trailblazers- Greg Oden and Brandon Roy. Portland going to compete in the West for sure.

#11- Houston Rockets- T-Mac is still T-Mac and the Rockets will compete, YAO gets hurt and Houston will suffer..

#10 - Utah Jazz - Boooooooooozer is strong and this team can rebound and bully smaller teams

#9- Cleveland Cavaliers - Until LeBron gets a wing-man, he will be without the league title.

#8 - Boston Celtics- If Garnett gets hurt, these guys can't rely on Pierce, can they? I dont see a repeat at all...

#7 - Dallas Mavericks - Dirk and Co. are in the West and will compete again, WOW - 2 years ago they were tops in the NBA...

#6 - Atlanta Hawks - surprised? Don't be - Joe Johnson and Josh Smith are going to be nasty....

#5 - Denver Nuggets-  still with Melo and AI - gonna to play dirty and Denver needs to go deep this year before the team is done for good...

#4 - New Orleans Hornets- CP3 and that young group are going to be around come playoff time...

#3- LA Lakers - Kobe is still Kobe and Bynum is healthy, the Lake-Show is dangerous as long as Kobe does his thing, MVP part dos?

#2 - Orlando Magic-  Any team that has Dwight "Superman" Howard is an instant winner, hands down - this cat's the real deal

#1 - Toronto Raptors - Chris Bosh is a savage, and wouldn't you know eh' - the Raptors have a bench



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