Posted on: April 5, 2010 8:27 pm

Shakin the draft u - Picks 1-10 w/ TRADES...

1st 10 picks only for my mock draft here. Considering only the 1st round is being shown the first day, here's my idea of how the draft is going to shake out on top. Trades are going to be happening like last year, but not as much as last year.

1. Rams - Sam Bradford (QB) - impressed at the Pro Day and should garner serious $$$ as the #1 overall and future of this young team

2. Lions - Russell Okung (OT) - Okung gave up only one sack in 360+ attempts in college. Detroit went crazy in FA for some spots on the d-line, and Stafford's contract is too big for the team to ignore the holes on the line that protects him.

3. Buccaneers - Gerald McCoy (DT) - McCoy has the tools to play in the NFL. His bench press stats at the combine were weak, but he doesn't come into this draft with a history of injuries

4. Redskins - Eric Berry (FS/SS) - Berry earned back-to-back All American awards and recorded 7 interceptions as 72 tackles as a junior in the talented SEC. With the additions of Donovan McNabb and Willie Parker, the offense has been re-shaped. IMO best talent in this draft class.

5. Eagles *** trade with Chiefs *** - Jimmy Clausen (QB) - Kevin Kolb? Michael Vick? Come on now; everyone knows the Eagles can't win the division without a QB.... Giving up their 1st round (pick #24) and next year's third round pick to the Chiefs and Philly can ride the train just like the Jets did last year with Mark Sanchez.

6.  Seahawks - Ndamukong Suh (DT) - look, the best OT and QB's are taken. OT is a huge need for Seattle to keep Hasslebeck healthy. The same was thought last year when the "top" guy in Aaron Curry fell in their laps at #4. Suh drops a tad due to his two college injuries, and Seattle gets a mega-talent to stuff the weak-running NFC West.

7. Browns - Jason Pierre-Paul (DE/OLB) - Cleveland will have to figure out how to slow down opposing offenses. Pierre-Paul's style of play has versatility to be a hybrid OLB/DE. He's jumping up draft boards due to his tenacious play. Nice fit for Cleveland, IMO.

8. Raiders - Anthony Davis (OT) - Al Davis' old self still LOVES JaMarshmellow Russell. Davis has some raw potential and is a big, big man. He reminds me of when Robert Gallery was coming out of Iowa, but this guy from Rutgers will actually play to his potential.

9. Chargers *** trade with Bills *** CJ Spiller (RB) - Sproles has lofty expectations in San Diego, but the Chargers need more in the running game to balance Philip Rivers' high powered passing game. San Diego trades its first and third picks of 2010 to Buffalo for the #9 pick in Spiller. The guy can get 20 touches a game as a rookie and has a solid track record as a return guy. 

10. Jaguars - Dez Bryant (WR) - David Garrard is a decent QB. The Jags grabbed Eugene Monroe on the O-line to develop and should step up his game even more this year. Bryant doesn't like the hype, and the Jags need a guy with high-risk, high-reward potential.. Bryant would be a solid target for this team, which seriously lacks a play-maker at the position..

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