Posted on: January 23, 2009 1:47 pm

Jay McGuire, the red-headed step-child

When speculation escalated back in 2005 that Mark McGuire was using performance-enahancing drugs, I was not shocked about the claim. Growing up in the East Bay, I rooted for the Oakland Athletics. Especially, McGuire and fellow roid-ragin' bash brother Jose Canseco smashing the covers off balls.

The federal government spent millions of un-needed dollars with the Mitchell Report, which really proved to be a waste of time and humiliation for many players accused of using performance-enhancing drugs. McGuire sat with Rafael Palmerio, Clemens and other alleged roid users whom faced legislators whom wanted answers. Palmeiro was a liar, as he took back his statement saying he never once used performance enhancing drugs. McGuire didn't lie, he played the safest route his representation guided him on.

"Im not here to talk about the past," McGuire said. "I'm here to talk about the future."

Without answers from these players directly, months passed and other folks decided to take this situation head on by themselves. Canseco, almost proud at the time he unsurfaced the truth about players, including McGuire using Steroids. Trainers came out and admitted to giving players these drugs.

Now, with all that McGuire has had to deal with, he gets the SHAFT from his own blood, his real brother, Jay. McGuire already has carved his own grave by playing safe in 2005 during the court appearance. He lost his reputation with the Steroid controversy, might not make it to the Hall of Fame (see 583 TOTAL HR's) and is basically banished from America's past-time.

Jay McGuire is the brother I never ever wanted. Earlier this week, he came out with a statement on his new book that he explained would straighten the facts about his brother and Steroid use. The man is attacking his own brother, and at what cost? I read an article on CNNSI.COM how Jay wanted to get the truth out in the open, and how his brother should accept his mistakes. What a nice thing for a sibling to do to his brother.

I am the oldest of four, two younger brothers, one sister. In no way imaginable would I ever RAT out any of them for any reason at any time. I find it difficult to fathom how Jay McGuire could do this to his brother. What is this going to prove? What good will it do for the sport of baseball, the fans of baseball and most importantly his brother?

This book will have no merit, just like Canseco's book "JUICED." It will chastize the baseball community and taint the game that has been around for decades.

Whether this book is being written for monetary purposes, or if Jay McGuire is really trying to help his brother accept the "truth," he has no right no go after his own brother like this.

I am dissapointed, and more upset at this coward for ratting out his own flesh and blood. Thanksgiving dinner with the family will never be the same again....


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