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Posted on: October 15, 2008 5:49 pm

Dear Coach Nolan

Dear Coach Nolan-

First off, I wanted to ask you how you have enjoyed your time in San Francisco. It must be nice with the weather and all the cool things to do, right? In my opinion, you have worn out your welcome.

I am writing this letter to you today to say - that as a 49er fan my whole life - I am completely embarrased the way your team has performed on the field since becomming the head coach. Listening to several people on talk radio, both fans and "experts" included, I can conclude that the census states it is about time to pack your bags. I know you love football, but so do I and I think I could do a better job than you have been doing for the football team.

I am asking you to resign from your position as head coach of the 49ers immediately. There has been no growth or signs of improvement, which are the two things you have promised since day one as San Francisco's head coach. I understand there comes a lot of responsibility with your job, but I believe you do not have what it takes to successfully lead this storied franchise back to greatness.

The excuses are old, repitive and tiring to hear. Execution from the players is expected, and more so the decisions you make on Sunday's contradicts everything you have fed to me and the fellow 49er faithful. We don't believe in you any more. We aren't confident in you any more. It is not fair to season ticket holders, fellow fans and all the people in the Nation that love the 49ers.

I feel sad for you when you make the decisions you do. I would think you are hurting a lot of people's feelings with these poor play calls, poor personel decisions, and basically everything you do to shame this franchise as a whole.

Truth is Coach, we as fans believed in you. We had your back and listened to you when you said we will see a better team on the field. From the signing of Alex Smith to the calls you make, I no longer have your back.

If you were the head coach for the Oakland Raiders, only 30 miles east of where the 5-time Super Bowl Champion 49ers play, Al Davis would have fired you years ago. It's sad, but you have to admit you no longer can guide this team in a positive light.

How about this Coach. Why don't you take a final Trolly ride around the bay, cross the Golden Gate Bridge, and hit up Fisherman's Wharf one final time. I believe Mrs. Nolan will have your bags packed in a U-Haul truck, and you can head out east, as far from San Francisco as possible.

Thank you very much for wasting the last few years of my life. I have always put my heart and soul into this team, and will do so when you resign as head coach for years to come. It takes a bold man to admit his mistakes Coach. I am waiting for you to accept the fact you don't deserve the position any more.

Sorry to be so frank, but you make me sad. I miss the 49ers of old, and want to open a new page in my life as a 49er fan.

Best regards Coach. Bon Voyage!



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