Posted on: January 28, 2009 6:32 pm
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Greenies, Roids, and now....

The newest and greatest performance enhancing drug to hit Professional sports has been used over the previous decade by children. It has been deemed as a prescription necessary to cure whatever the heck you want to label as "ADD." The sad thing is about this drug, is that doctors across the country prescribe this to thousands of people, in all careers and all ages.

The MLB has seen stricter penalties on banned substances. Greenies were banned in the 70s, as many athletes in the early 80s were flirting (and using) steroids. Through the 90s, before and after the strike, the steroids were filtered from coast to coast, both in the MLB, minor league, college and even high school. Steroids exsist today. Players are getting the 50-game suspensions.

Now that steroids are basically on lock down, I am predicting a major switch of performance-enhancing drugs for pro athletes. This rings true in baseball, as a recent report came out on ESPN.COM that about 140 current players perscribe to this medication. The Mitchell report was probing steroid use heavily, so players were getting "therapeutic use exmptions," and numbers using was rising dramatically. 

Adderall, a brand-named pharmaceutical stimulant, is composed of several amphetamine salts. Yes, amphetamine (aka SPEED; aka Greenies). Used for Attention Deficit disorder (ADD), this drug is primarily given to patience for the treatment of narcolepsy. Amphetamine is banned in the MLB. Players are smart, avoiding such "categorically illegal stubstances."

According to Drugs.com and several, several other sites, Adderall is a drug of abuse and is habit-forming. Withdrawl from adderall shows the sames syptoms in patients that have used cocaine or meth. Some side affects include tics, heart failure, termors, seizures, heart attacks, high blood pressure - the list goes on and on.

Adderall is a "legal" amphetamine, which many players in Major League Baseball are using. Because its legal, these players use the drug to stay alert and focused.  Children whom are taking this drug are able to focus better in school, feel better about themselves and reduce hyperactivity.

How this drug is legal for players to take is mind boggling to me. Just because they have a double header or back to back games, popping this single pill will make them a better ball player? Maybe so, but there is way too much risk associated with it. Because there is no known performancing enhancing ability for physical activity.

The lifestyle of professional athletes is quite different from yours and mine. Irregular sleeping patterns as well as alcohol and drug abuse are often the excuses (or reasons - you decide) these players are using the drugs.

Check out this Newsweek article about the drug and the sport: http://www.newsweek.com/id/108730. The issue's surface has been braised a tad, but I can forsee it becomming a bigger problem for these athletes later on in life.

Facts state that adderall drains your body of energy if its not needed. It might feel "good" to be focused, by the health risks are way too much to bear. I think that the MLB, and all professional sports should consider banning this drug. Add it to the list of banned substances. Like greenies and roids, ADD prescription meds should not accepted for any reason.

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