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Posted on: February 4, 2009 2:52 pm

Super Bowl Experience recap

Tampa Bay is well suited to host the Super Bowl. I arrived on Thursday night with hopes of doing it big downtown. My buddy and I arrived at the Tijuana Iguana, a little spot on the strip, looking for some food. It was pretty dead as it was raining outside, but cool to know that Hulk Hogan was hosting a party there that night. Although we never saw him, we did catch a glimpse of his son, Nick, whom literally just got out of jail that day. After waiting for the place to liven up, we decided to get out of there and head to Mons Venus.

Mons Venus is actually ranked as the #1 Strip Club in the country. My expectations had been exceeded, and although a couple hundred dollars down, I came out of there satsified to say the least.

As a 49ers fan, I didn't really care whom won the game itself. I had won a couple tickets to the game through my work. Everything was paid for so we took advantage of the good times! Friday was really neat as I got to meet Super Bowl winning QB, Brad Johnson. He helped destroy the Raiders a few years back, which was fun to chat about with him as he showed off the Super Bowl Ring.

Saturday was full of cool events leading up to the super bowl. The NFL Fan experience was packed with fans from all over the place. We saw a lot of Colts fans and Giants fans, all whom were bummed they couldn't see the Manning brothers duel it out. We also saw a handful of Eagles fans, obviously perturbed the Cardinals beat them in the NFC Championship game. We saw a lot of NFL stars signing autographs and taking pictures. The list I caught a glimpse of included: Vernon Davis, Mario Williams, Darren Sproles, Hank Baskett, and Fred Taylor. I got a bunch of over-priced Super Bowl gear, and was even able to snap some photos of the actual Super Bowl Trophy. Pretty sweet!

Sunday was rockin'. Our group went to a pre-game VIP party (fancy, I know...) where we had the opportunity to meet HOF'er Jack Hamm and the infamous Lynn Swann. Swann had his super bowl rings on display, a lot of bling and history. He is from San Mateo and went to Serra High School (note: Barry Bonds and Tom Brady also attended this school). Both he and Hamm were relly cordial and had a lot of great things to say to us. I was esctatic to meet Swann especially because he not only is a Super Bowl legend, but was going to be at the coin-toss for the game along-side Roger Craig and John Elway.

The game was as exciting as one could be. The place was packed, especially with Steelers fans. It definetly felt like a Pittsburg home game, as these fans out-numbered the Cardinal fans at least 6-1. We sat in the end zone on the Steelers side. James Harrison's 100-yard return was in our end zone along the likes of both TD's by Larry Fitzgerald. The place erupted when Santonio Holmes missed the game-winning catch in the end zone as the ball went straight through his hands. As you all know, the man redeemed himself by scoring the final TD and help the Steelers capture their 6th Super Bowl title.

I was curious what was going to happen with the last play of the game. Kurt Warner looked like he was in forward motion, almost more obivous than Tom Brady's play against the Raiders a few years back. Crazy thing was that the Cardinals were on the 50 yard line with all the momentum. The Steelers' all ran onto the field which cost them 15-yards. This would have put the ball on the Steelers' 35-yard line with 5 seconds to play. It would have been a hail-mary to the end zone, but the game was called and the Steelers were deemed Champs.

All in all, it was a memorable experience. I had a great time. For my first Super Bowl experience, I couldn't have asked for it to end any other way.

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